Sikkim University : Alumni Association


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Dear SU Alumni

Many of you might have passed out from SU before I joined as its second Vice-Chancellor. One of my priorities from the very beginning was to establish a vibrant alumni association. So I pushed it for the approval of the Executive Council of the University. I also asked the second Dean of Student's Welfare, Dr. S. Manivannan to prepare a database of our alumni and create a web portal through which our alumni could remain connected to help themselves and help others who have passed out from SU. They could post information about career opportunities, trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, and even matrimonials. The web portal could keep the alumni updated about each other and be an important platform to further their social, cultural, intellectual, and other such needs.

Therefore, I implore upon you all to register yourselves first and start connecting yourselves with the goal of first establishing your Alumni Association. The administrative support shall be provided by the Dean of Student's Welfare, but since it is your association you need to come forward to run it, to further its goals, to shoulder its responsibility, and so on. I made some effort to motivate some of you in the past, but failed miserably, perhaps because we did not have a platform to build your association on. Now that a platform has been created it is for you to own it and begin to contribute to building your alma mater and helping your juniors to establish themselves in life so that they in turn can help their juniors.

The most important reason why we want you to come forward to own this association is the fact that the best universities in the world are so because of the important role played by their alumni. This has been established by research beyond any doubt. Hence, we have created seats for alumni in our highest decision making bodies like the Academic Council and Executive Council. If the University goes up in ranks nationally and internationally you will definitely feel proud of the fact that you belong to SU and SU belongs to you. You cannot deny your association with SU even if you don't like it because you were victimized, or you were punished for some wrong reason, and so on and so forth. Please do not harbour any ill-feelings towards your alma mater even if you did not get the position/recognition/treatment you deserved. If you have the knowledge and skills no one will be able to stop you from achieving your goals. And no matter how you feel about SU, the University will always be proud of your achievements and we will be happy to know how you are doing in life.

Yours sincerely,

T.B. Subba